Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Good To Be a 24-Year-Old, If You Work for McCrory

The following are some of the large raises that McCrory gave former campaign workers, most of them barely out of college. These are just four of some 280 total salary increases in the Department of Health and Human Services, totalling $1.7 million:
Matthew McKillip, 24, makes $87,500 a year as a senior policy planner at DHHS. He received a $22,500 raise on April 1. McKillip, who worked on McCrory's campaign, has no educational background or experience in health policy on his resume, although he did work briefly at a conservative think tank.
Jason Simmons, 35, is also a policy planner at DHHS. He also received a $22,500 raise in April and now earns $62,500 year. Simmons was a campaign operative for 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney before going to work for McCrory, but his available information also shows no educational background or experience in health policy. 
Ricky Diaz, 24, is a public relations officer at DHHS. He got a $23,000 raise in April and now makes $85,000 a year. Diaz was McCrory's campaign press secretary and worked in his press office before going to DHHS. His available information shows no educational background or experience in health policy and little experience in communications, with most of that in online and social media. 
Anthony Vellucci, the information technology director for NC FAST, received a $23,000 raise in June and now earns $168,000 a year. Vellucci does have an IT background, but the raise comes amid an array of problems with the social services benefits system that has left many hungry families without food stamps.
Those raises came after McCrory piously asked his department heads NOT to give raises, to freeze salaries, and simultaneously with the passing of a state budget in the Republican-dominated General Assembly that punishes teachers, which McCrory gladly signed.

From dope to dick in under 30 days, eh, Governor?

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