Thursday, July 18, 2013

The NC Senate Plan for Voter Suppression

The NC Senate plan for reducing the number of young, black, and Democratic voters in North Carolina (hattip Ari Berman):
NO college student IDs are acceptable (House version of Voter ID passed in April allowed NC public universities and community college ID)
NO out-of-state driver’s license is acceptable unless you’ve just recently registered to vote (i.e., less than 90 days before the election where you’re showing your ID). House allowed government photo IDs created by other states 
NO North Carolina county or municipal government or public employee IDs are acceptable 
NO photo ID issued by a public assistance agency is acceptable – another slap at low-income voters 
House allowed expired photo ID to be used, up to 10 years after expiration. But Senate version only allows the other House exception: a voter over 70 can use an expired photo ID for any length of time if it was current when they were 70 
NO advisory board, as in the House version, to advise State Board of Elections about strategies and partner groups to use in a comprehensive education program about the ID requirement 
NO provision for additional staff at State Board to do education 
NO reference to using the Judicial Voter Guide to include information about ID

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