Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't Look to McCrory for Relief

That grinning idiot will NEVER veto anything sent over to him from the General Assembly.

He's TERRIFIED of the General Assembly, or at least, of the Republican furniture-strippers installed there.

So all those messages I've been getting from you good folks out there urging that I write Gov. McCrory and beg him to veto the anti-abortion bill, the suppression of voting rights bill, the put-guns-in-bars bill, the bring-your-out-of-state-trash-to-NC bill -- I appreciate your starry-eyed hope that somehow logic or sanity or keeping his promises will somehow sway McCrory to do something for the rest of us instead of slavishly following the dictates of the worst collection of ultra-right scum ever to stain the polished oak of the General Assembly.

But it ain't gonna happen, and I choose not on this day to whistle Dixie in that bum's general direction.


Richard Tidyman said...

Couldn't agree more but you sugar coated it more than need be just to play nice.

brotherdoc said...

furniture-strippers...I like that.