Thursday, July 11, 2013

Both Sides of McCrory's Mouth: The Fix Is In

The Republican/Tea Party-dominated General Assembly of North Carolina is going to close down most abortion providers in the state, and the governor is going to sign the law.

Less than two hours after Gov. Squishy issued his veto threat of the Senate abortion bill yesterday morning, the Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee tacked virtually the same anti-abortion language onto a bill dealing with motorcycle safety ("Zen and the Art of Vagina Maintenance," someone tweeted), and according to one of its chief sponsors, Ruth Samuelson of Charlotte, Gov. McCrory is okay with it. Apparently, McCrory was involved in signing off on this snake oil at the same time his flacks were handing out the prepared statement.

It's virtually the same bill that the Senate passed and that McCrory said he would veto. Only a little language has been fudged to appear more moderate. But it ain't. "Advocates on both sides of the issue said the bill for all practical purposes has the same effect as the Senate measure," reported WRAL.

Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer, July 9, 2013:


J.W. Williamson said...

So, naturally, I take back what I said yesterday about McCrory exhibiting some "courage." It was not courage. It was classic bait and switch.

McCrory is fundamentally dishonest and fundamentally a weak man.

Anonymous said...

I prefer "Zen and the Art of Menstrual Cycle Maintenance."