Saturday, July 27, 2013

Despicable Pat

Gov. Pat McCrory had the tone-deaf gall to actually say this yesterday after giving his cabinet secretaries raises of up to $13,200: “I’m trying to make it at least where they can afford to live while running multibillion-dollar departments.”

Yeah, our hearts bleed! This grinning idiot really knows how to channel sympathy in the right direction!

Meanwhile, not a word out of his weasel's mouth about the 70,000 people knocked out of unemployment benefits in North Carolina. Nary a crocodile tear from this empty suit for the thousands of public school teaching assistants forced out of work.

What about the 200+ people thrown out of work in Ashe County by the closing of Gates Corp., most of whom probably voted for this sorry sack of prevarication? They'll now have to survive with a maximum benefit of $350/week and have to find a job within 20 weeks in a county which already has an unemployment rate of 11 percent (hattip: JL).

As they say, elections have consequences. In this case, for the people of North Carolina, all those consequences are bad, unless you're already rich or run a cabinet department for the effing governor.

But what started in Boone last week with a "shame on you" protest of McCrory on King Street, when a small clutch of protesters followed the governor down the street with signs calling him out on the abortion bill, the voter suppression bill, and other disgusting legislation emanating from the sewer pit in Raleigh, is picking up steam in other towns in the state. Yesterday in Cornelius, McCrory "went out a side door" rather than face a much larger crowd of pissed off people, many of them women motivated by McCrory's announcement that he would sign the abortion restriction bill after promising during the 2012 campaign that he wouldn't.

It's gonna get rougher for that spineless tool of the Right Wing, and he's going to deserve every "shame on you" he hears -- or doesn't hear, because he's a coward.

See the video from Cornelius (sorry about the brief ad):

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