Monday, May 06, 2013

Thom Tillis to Gen'l Assembly: "Shut the Eff Up," He Explained

Thom Tillis, just back from his annual jaunt to the Koch-snorting ALEC seance in Oklahoma City, has now gotten the religion of "Let's play nice" and is telling his GOP troops to shut the eff up and stop spooking the horses.

"I was the GOP minority whip in 2009," he began in a Facebook post. "My job was to get conservative Democrats to help us defeat liberal legislation. The Democratic leaders, heavily influenced by their most liberal members and far-left groups, could not resist the pressure to move too far to [sic] fast. They did not compromise and they went too far.

"They got out of step with the citizens of NC and they lost their majority as a result. It was their lack of discipline that laid the groundwork for Republicans to have House/Senate super majorities, a GOP governor, and [lieutenant] governor," he concluded. "Our lack of discipline will lay the groundwork for their ascendency and if they succeed we will only have ourselves to blame."

Tillis's grasp of history is lacking. The Democratically controlled General Assembly was nothing if not "business-friendly," and as he offers zero examples of "liberal" and "far-left" legislation that "laid the groundwork" for the Republican take-over, we believe he's just blowing smoke.

It was some high-profile Democratic sleaze, a comatose NC Democratic Party, and one of the nastiest Pope-directed campaigns in 2010, smearing about a dozen good Democratic office-holders like Cullie Tarleton and Steve Goss, that got Mr. Tillis his drug of choice ... POWER.

The fact that he's now afraid of losing it is practically like a whiff of springtime blossoms. And we count on the crazies in his caucus and in the NC Senate to refuse to play nice. After all, that's not what got them elected.

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