Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Body Language

At last night's County Commission public hearing on the fate of nonprofits, with Kay Borkowski addressing the board on behalf of the Hospitality House (and giving the commissioners a history lesson in Watauga County government's commitment to the poor, going back to 1886).

Commission Chair Nathan Miller is dead center in white, with Perry Yates to his immediate left and David Blust to his immediate right.


brotherdoc said...

how can you be dead center of 6 guys? besides, he should be at the extreme right.

Richard Tidyman said...

Body language says it all. You'd think if they were so clever, they would at least pretend to listen, by sitting up, leaning forward. I can't help but wonder if republicans are getting sick of these republicans. I know I am...both.

dss5 said...

brotherdoc: Four Eggers sits up there too but was cut out of the picture. (he should be cut out of county politics too, along with his friends Blust, Yates, and Miller)