Monday, May 27, 2013

The Hit-and-Run Commissioner

Nathan Miller, Chair of the Watauga County Commission, has filed organizational papers to run for District Attorney.

Apparently, he's done what he can to wreck good will, mutuality, cooperation, and civic respect on the County Commission and plans to spread his brand of public service to the prosecution of crime in the 24th Solicitorial District.

Anyone know the lyrics to "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"?


DavidG said...

Why does this NOT surprise me, He puts the commission into a political mess that they cannot now extract themselves from and now he runs away from the mess he created and decides to run for a post where he's even more powerful. All i can say is he better watch out for Judge Lyerly. Alex is not one to put up with grandstanding or arrogance

Anonymous said...

And given his level of arrogance and corruption, watch for a complete lack of fairness in whom is prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

so who is running against him?