Thursday, May 30, 2013

Did His Blog Make Him Look Fat?

Bryan R. Holloway is a Republican member of the General Assembly from Stokes County. He's been "outed" for a really strange offense against Southern manhood. Evidently, he's an anonymous blogger about men's clothing styles, a sartorial savant.

Apparently, there's something embarrassing about that, made clear by Mr. Holloway's sudden scramble to disappear his blog and his stark unavailability to answer questions.

Strange bunch down there in Raleigh.

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Anonymous said...

O.K. I looked at the archive. I realize I am sartorially challenged, but the site is seriously creepy. All-plaid suits? The return of madras trousers? (Why not just bring back the madras bermuda shorts of my middle-school years?) Double-breasted seersucker?!?!? The only other man I know this concerned with shoes is Chancellor Peacock.

Just lemme go find my straw boater.