Thursday, May 02, 2013

Larry Pittman, Abject

NC House member Larry Pittman, who laid the wood to Republican Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis for being an inauthentic conservative and a dictator more interested in appearing moderate than in advancing conservative ideals (see last post, down-column), has now apologized in writing.

True of most such apologies, this one contains some boilerplate "it really wasn't what I said but the fact that what I said got reported widely that caused the problem," which is always a hoot coming out of the mouth of a mouthy politician, especially this one.

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Henery said...

Thomas Mills at puts his finger on another aspect of what Pittman said on that notorious YouTube video: that he preaches politics from the pulpit of his church, in direct conflict with IRS rules:

"Pittman comes across as a religious zealot who criticizes Tillis for stopping the bill to create a state religion. Before that, though, in a defiant tone, he declares at 5:54 in the video, 'And I will talk about political issues from my pulpit. I have done it and will continue to do so…Why not be political in the church?' Well, for one thing, it jeopardizes your church’s non-profit status. In fact, I would think that the IRS would be very interested in what Rep. Pittman has to say from the pulpit, because if he’s telling the truth, his church probably owes a ton of back taxes."