Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GOP-Dominated General Assembly ... Very Unpopular

Sometimes polling gives you the willies; sometimes it gives you ideas. From PPP:
One thing that's been true all year is that whenever the GOP legislature comes back to town, it gets less popular. That's the case once again after their late November return to Raleigh. Only 29% of voters now have a favorable opinion of the Republicans in the legislature, a new record low. The previous worst had been 33%. 48% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of them. The biggest issue for the Republicans is that independents, after voting for the GOP by a huge margin in legislative contests last year, now give them a 22/44 favorability rating.
Contained in such dismal numbers may be the key to the path forward for Gov. Perdue, who has her own bad polling to deal with:
Finally one finding in this poll points to a potential path to victory for Bev Perdue. 44% of voters in the state trust her more compared to 40% who put a greater deal of faith in the Republican legislature. Pat McCrory has tied himself closely to the unpopular new legislative majority so if Perdue can run against their agenda and McCrory's support of it, that might just be the way she pulls out a second term. It won't be easy, but it's something.

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Anonymous said...

You failed to point out four percentage more Democrats were interviewed than Republicans as well as 44% would vote for a Republican General Assembly and 44%would vote Democrat. The margin of error is 5%. In addition, you failed to mention the corruption in the Perdue adminsitration could return a totaly Republican General Assembly as well as control of the Governor's office. In fact you have failed to acknowledge the charges against three of Perdue's staff. Peter raised more money than Art Pope ever thought of in a million years.