Thursday, December 01, 2011

Occupy Elections

George Lakoff, author of "Don't Think of an Elephant," on what should be next for the Occupy movement:
What's next? That's the question being asked as cities close down Occupy encampments and winter approaches.

The answer is simple. Just as the Tea Party gained power, the Occupy Movement can. The Occupy movement has raised awareness of a great many of America's real issues and has organized supporters across the country. Next comes electoral power. Wall Street exerts its force through the money that buys elections and elected officials. But ultimately, the outcome of elections depends on people willing to take to the streets -- registering voters, knocking on doors, distributing information, speaking in local venues. The way to change the nation is to occupy elections.

Whatever Occupiers may think of the Democrats, they can gain power within the Democratic Party and hence in election contests all over America. All they have to do is join Democratic Clubs, stick to their values, speak out very loudly, and work in campaigns for candidates at every level who agree with their values. If Occupiers can run tent camps, organize food kitchens and clean-up brigades, run general assemblies, and use social media, they can take over and run a significant part of the Democratic Party....


Connie Mack Jr said...

BS..JW.. Who wants another Democrat or Republican trap? Rocky has the right idea..Occupy Justice and corner the market..

Brushfire said...

Too bad that third parties just end up splitting the vote. I still resent Nader for giving GWB the win in 2000.

Mike D. said...


Resentment? What an awful emotion to have to carry everywhere you go! You should try forgiveness sometime. You may find that feeling positive emotions makes life more enjoyable. I hope you have a great weekend! :-)