Thursday, December 01, 2011

Foxx Announces Another Gimmick To Avoid Facing Constituents

"Facebook Friday."

No, really.

Following her tradition of avoiding any possible embarrassment at having to be actually accountable for her opinions, her statements, let alone her votes, or of answering unfiltered constituent questions, Madam Foxx is generously deigning to pick and choose the questions she would like to answer from among comments posted Friday morning on her Facebook page.

We're lovin' that "profile in courage," Congresswoman.


Anonymous said...

Y'all need to read the answers to the questions on her FB page. If she is writing them I'll eat my hat.

Carrie said...

My guess is that she won't be. But then again I was banned from posting comments on her page and of course everything I wrote was deleted. Seems she doesn't like it when you say anything that contains facts.