Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Watauga County 2010 Primary Results

Clerk of Court, Democratic Primary
Trexler 672
Deal 1,345
Combs 200

Clerk of Court, Republican Primary
Howell 1,431
Younce 1,343

So it's gonna be Diane Deal facing off against Wanda Howell this November!

Board of Education
Wallin 972
Walpole 1,563
Warren 2,499
Welch 1,442
Utter 1,320
Smith 825
Hodges 2,661
Cottom 698
Courtney 651

Bottom three -- Smith, Cottom, and Courtney -- are knocked out. The other six face off in November for three seats.

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Anonymous said...

How interesting that GoBlueRidge.net has removed all comments related to the primary results. Does Wanda know dirt on someone there too? Seems all she has to do is call somebody's boss and she gets her way. No scruples whatsoever. Please, please will someone expose all her shenanigans before the general election? Go Diane!!!!