Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Phony Baloney Served Up by Foxx

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (bless her heart!) is Twitter-flakking a new gimmick thought up by Congressional Republicans (voter approval ratings currently in the toilet) called "You Cut" whereby anybody can go and vote on his/her favorite cuts to the Federal budget. It was either Eric Cantor's idea, or he got to roll it out publicly.

Just how unserious is "You Cut"? The Cato Institute, which doesn't fool around with gimmicks, added up ALL of the cherry-picked items the Congressional Republicans offer as possible cuts, which totaled a whopping 0.017% of the total Federal budget.

That's the National GOP in a nutshell ... nibbling at the margins and pretending it's a banquet.

Of course, Virginia Foxx is right there, hawking the horseshit sandwich because she can't think of anything original herself.


BikerBard said...

She just sent around a "loaded" questionaire. Classic Foxx.

Dog Tom Coffey said...

Virgina Foxx has sent around all manner of loaded questionairres, bills, and lies. The land grab is but one example of her insiduous nature

D9 (Aka Dog Tom Coffey)

PS Bard, see Palin thread for explanation of my handle.