Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raleigh Tea Party Event Goes Tepid

The most generous estimate we've seen of the crowd at the General Assembly yesterday was 75. (Adam Searing over at The Progressive Pulse has revealing video.)

The government-hating organizers wanted thousands of protesters to link arms and surround the legislative bldg. on the opening day of the short session, demanding that North Carolina pass a law exempting the state's residents from the Obama health insurance reform.

That issue is fading faster than the memory of last winter.


Anonymous said...

They were confuse! Glenn Beck told them the Communists were meeting on that date instead of the normal Mayday date!

Matt Robinson said...

Maybe they read my op ed and realized they really should not be doing this. LOL! :-)

BikerBard said...

Isn't it sad that McCain plucked her out of the obscurity she so richly deserved.

Remind me to tell you about my Six Degrees of Separation in that matter sometime.