Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Pure Cussedness Wing of the GOP

Public Policy Polling has done some polling on the Gulf oil spill disaster that found that "28% of Republicans said the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico made them more likely to support drilling off the coast to an equal 28% who said it made them less likely to be supportive. 44% said it made no difference to them...."

Before even forming the "O wow" words on our lips, we read the comments attached to that post and found them more enlightening than some comment threads often prove to be. It makes some sense that at least part of that Republican majority (72% who say they are more supportive of off-shore drilling or that the oil spill made no difference to them) gave their opinions purely as a form of protest against...

1. Being asked an unsettling question that made them think for two seconds about a topic they don't want to think about.

2. Being asked a sacrilegious question which implied, by the very act of asking, that the Settled Universe and God's Plan for Man might be a mirage.

3. Being asked any question at all that stepped outside the box in which they have comfortably made their nests.

Or it could be that 72% of Republicans are stock-holders in British Petroleum.

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