Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tim D'Annunzio: "Unfit for Public Office at Any Level"

They're ganging up on poor Tim "Machine Gun" D'Annunzio, who is locked in a primary run-off for the privilege of being the Republican nominee who will take on NC-8 Dem Larry Kissell in November.

D'Annunzio is mainly just a blunter version of Rand Paul, but he's so alarmed the state Republican establishment that NC GOP Chair Tom Fetzer came out on Friday and said, "By my personal observation of his behavior, and by acquaintance with his record and background, I consider Mr. D'Annunzio unfit for public office at any level. What he could do to the party as our nominee is secondary in my view to what he could do to the country if he got elected. If he got elected, for crying out loud, that would be a disaster."

We confess to a certain fondness for any major party spokesman who uses the phrase "for crying out loud" in 2010! It's more than just quaint. It's positively endearing.

But poor Tom Fetzer! To have to say such things about the man who took more votes (some 36.85% of the total) than the five other Republicans in the first primary on May 4th!

Fetzer loses either way, whether he succeeds in destroying D'Annunzio's candidacy or not, because he's earned himself and his state Republican Party several thousand potential enemies among the Tea Party and libertopian elements on the right.

The country club Republicans, of which Tom Fetzer is a shining avatar (for crying out loud), want blow-dried Harold Johnson to win the run-off, but Fetzer just knee-capped that campaign too by insuring that many of the D'Annunzio voters will stay home on November 2nd.

Winner ... Larry Kissell!


Dog Tom Coffey said...

I believe Fetzer's attack on D'Annunzio is a positive and telling statement on a larger problem that RINO Republicans will face across America. Citizens have recognized the damage that has been done by fence sitting politicians as they slowly strip away the rights of citizens. This applies equally to liberal Democrats who will share in the reaping this November.

What scares Fetzer and Harold Johnson so much is the fact D'Annunzio is an outlier who is able to capitalize on voter unrest and an aversion to politically correct politics. D'Annunzio goes into territory that a leftist media puppet like Harold Johnson is afraid to venture. 2nd Amendment issues, immigration, oil leaks, Iran, N. Korea and many other issues need more than fence sitters to recieve the proper attention. D'Annunzio will give direct and "blunt" attention to each - somthing that Johnson and other pseudo conservatives and liberals have not a clue how to address. Yes, the moderate Republicans who have been masquarading as conservatives have much to be worried about this year. We can only hope Foxx is also eclipsed by her recent actions in denigrating the rights of citizens in Western North Carolina.

Dog Tom

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another stupid republican food fight between a Born again Religious Gay Basher against a Closet Republican Estalbishment Sissy!

At least D'Annunzio is honest about his Religious political insanity where is ole Tom is just another political fibbering hypcrite

brotherdoc said...

This story has now made the Huffington Post Web site. Way to go NCGOP!