Friday, May 14, 2010

The Dick DuJour

Madam Virginia Foxx gets the honor.

Not our doing. We don't know these folks.

But we're perfectly willing to share our Congresswoman with the wider world. Take 'er, please!


D-9 said...

Virginia Foxx is one of the most lying, distrustful, despicable politicans I know of. When she worked in secret with the corrupt town of Blowing Rock to grab 192 acres for the sole purpose of making it off limits to hunting, it didn't sit right with many local sportspersons. Then Senator Burr, a RHINO, added injury to insult by pushing the bill through Congress without ANY public input. Let's hope this year see both expunged from office in favor of a fresh face capable of representing the people and upholding the Constitution. Both Foxx and Burr have been in office much too long. They are out of touch, money grubbing, stupid, fence sitting, and generally distrustful politicians who make America a weaker place. Vote against Foxx and Burr in November and go Independent.

BikerBard said...

D-9 or Guy Faux:

YOU are the model of a lying, distrust, and despicable human(?) being. Why don't you use your REAL handle? Afraid you have built such distrust no one will take you seriously?

And so sorry, but you have come too late to this dance. You will have to take your lies elsewhere, FAUX.

"Deception! Deception!"
- T. Williams