Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Henderson County Commission Votes to Open Itself to a Lawsuit

No, the County Commission of Henderson County said to a moment of silent prayer prior to their meetings. No, they said to non-sectarian prayer. No, they said to any citizen not specifically Christian in the Henderson County tradition of that term.

Yes, they said to being sued just like Forsyth County, and to defending themselves from such a suit.

Wise use of public money!


bridle said...

Why are they being deliberately insensitve about shoving their beliefs down everyone's throats? Politics and religion should not be in bed together - ever.

shyster said...

Bridle, it's simple (as are they), they know the law and they know the probable outcome. They don't care. Their purpose is to show off for a narrow-minded voting bloc.
The Supreme Court and the Constitution aren't going to push them around, not when they have G"NO"P and Tea Party values to publicize.
There is no real way to stop them. As the saying goes: You can't cure stupid.
The only solution is to vote the idiots out.

BikerBard said...

I don't understand why a
"moment of silence" wasn't sufficient.

"We are Christians and we'll jam that down your throats until you pray to our God for relief!"

Mike D. said...

Since no one is currently posting on WataugaWatch anyway, please allow me to hijack this thread to generate discussion.

I enjoy reading WataugaWatch threads and comments that focus on attacking moderates who don't do as the Democratic establishment requests. You know, rebels like Lieberman, and even McCain (though he, of course, is not a Democrat). These individuals must be thrashed soundly, beaten into submission.

But what about moderates who do behave? What about moderates like Arlen Specter? Ok, I'm actually just guessing he is (or was) a moderate. It may just be that his vote has been for sale to the bidder who can provide the most political patronage at any moment.

So where are the threads and comments attacking this individual who has no honor or intellectual integrity whatsoever? Kind of a tangled mess at the moment, n'est-ce pas?

Specter sensed that the political tide had turned to the Democrats, so he sold his vote to the Obama administration for promises of political favors.

Then this guy Sestak tries to take him on, and gets offered more favors to get out of the race. You see? That's the trouble with lying. You must lie more to cover up your first lies. But eventually it all unravels.

I hope you all appreciate what Bill Clinton has done for you, or at least what you think he has done for you. By accepting the blame, he makes the Clintons look loyal to the party. Of course, it doesn't make the Obama administration look any better at all, as it is an obvious lie. In fact, it makes Obama look much worse, even though he released the the lie at the very end of the week, when no one would be watching the news.

I suppose I don't blame you guys for keeping away from political commentary this week. It would seem that you are in a tough place right now, and honesty is no longer an option. I do not envy you.

Consider that, next time, before you throw Lieberman under the bus for standing up for what he believes.

Dog Tom Coffey said...

It appears they wanted a moment of silence, not Christian only prayer. This nation, like it or not, was founded upon Christian principles with prayer and churches being a central point of life among Americans. Freedom to choose whatever religion one wants to engage in caused thousands of people to leave Europe and settle in America. Much of our rich heritage and history has its' roots in religion. Brigham Young, the catholic church, Billy Graham, and many, many others are part of our history. These people were able to practice whatever religion they wished without encumberances imposed by the state. A moment of silence is not cramming Jesus Christ, Satan, Muhammad, Budda or any other deity down anyone's throat. What it is doing, is giving us all a chance to practice whatever religion we choose during that silent period. I am personally excited that a silent moment is being recognized as it may actually bring differing religions together under the same roof! What could be better than that?

Dog Tom Coffey

shyster said...

Yo, Dog, I'm not going to waste time correcting the errors in your christian nation statement. I, and others on this blog have done that too many times to count. Let's just say "You're wrong" and leave it at that.
The law says that government shall not respect the establishment of religion. Not any specific religion - ANY religion. The government at all levels is supposed to stay out of the god business. How hard is that to understand?

bridle said...

Dog Tom, According to this post, the County commissioners said "no" to a moment of silent prayer, insisting instead upon specifically invoking Jesus in the opening prayers. This excludes any one not of that particular faith from the legislative process, evidently.
Can you please explain what Christian principles are exactly?

Liberal POV said...

Johnny Know Nothing

"Much of our rich heritage and history has its' roots in religion. Brigham Young, the catholic church, Billy Graham, and many, many others are part of our history. These people were able to practice whatever religion they wished without encumberances imposed by the state."

Go do a little study of history other than Texas history. The Mormons were ran out of towns across America until they got to Utah.

The Catholic church was not warmly received in the South and much of the anti immigration issue around 1900 sounded like the tea party mob of today except anti catholic was added to that debate.

Anonymous said...

There is no real way to stop them.* shyster

Sure there is!!!!! Have the last Dude give a prayer that the God Zeus is going to zapped every white dude that prays to a Kick Ass Republican Jesus when they finished praying in public like a hypocrite

BikerBard said...

Shyster: I'm afraid you are all, too correct. Good to have you weigh in, though!

Dog Tom:
This country was NOT founded on Christianity. Read your history, sir. Read what our founding fathers had to say about Christianity. You are wrong. Sorry.

"Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man." - Thomas Jefferson

"I have found Christian dogma unintelligible." -Ben Franklin

"The government of the United States is not in any sense founded upon the Christian religion."
- John Adams

Here's some reading for you, Tom.

Moose said...

Maybe, but I have never understood the desire to open a public meeting with prayer or a moment of silence. The only thing needed is for the chair to say "The meeting will come to order." If someone wants to pray, they can do it silently whenever they want to. Why must it always be some big show?

brushfire said...

Moose, You said it very well. Public prayer is a vocal expression of common beliefs. It works great in church where everyone shares the same (supernatural) belief system. But in a government setting it is entirely inappropriate.

BikerBard said...


Good post! Ditto.