Sunday, March 21, 2010

unCivil Rights

Foot soldiers for the Republican minority in Congress -- a devil's sabbath of tea partiers, birthers, racists, bigots -- invaded the Capitol yesterday. They chanted "faggot" at Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). They chanted "nigger" at Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.), both members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Someone spit on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), another black legislator, and House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said, "I have heard things today that I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to get off the back of the bus."

That's just the slime that's gotten reported.

Yup. We shore do hope these fine specimens of humanity are the people who get control of our government!

At least one Republican member of Congress on the Sunday Morning Gasbag shows tried to excuse the behavior -- "Well, people are just so angry" -- without bothering to acknowledge that the misplaced rage has been artificially ginned up by a wealth of misinformation and outright lies spewed by leading Republicans and going back at least a year. Sarah Palin had her tongue all wrapped up in that. And Michele Bachmann. So did our own Rep. Virginia A. Foxx ("at least we Republicans won't be putting people to death like the Democrats!"). The gullible, the naive, the under-informed either fell for that bilge or find it convenient to hang their racism from those particular hat racks.

Haven't been personally enthusiastic about the Senate bill about to be passed, but I confess to being driven to root now for its passage, witnessing the desperation of Karl Rove on ABC this a.m. Rove was either severely over-caffeinated or showing the true panic of realizing a Democratic victory in this matter will damage his own ... shall we be generous and call it "his own legacy"? (His credibility was already as damaged as a Pinto in a roll-over.)

Or take the true creepy mendacity of the fake memo trotted out on the House floor by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) yesterday. Unfortunately for Garrett, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) also happened to be present, and he don't take no shit. Weiner called out Republicans for the lie, while our own Virginia Foxx tried futilely to come to Garrett's aid. Watch it.


shyster said...

Brooklyn and Queens are well represented. Too bad we are not all able to say the same thing. The old adage is true: A society does not get the government it needs; it gets the government it deserves. 

J.T. said...

I saw Rove this morning too.  I figured he was on crack as that's the only reasonable explanation for his behavior.

BikerBard said...

Weiner has been my newest congressional idol since the health care debate began. What a mind! What debating skills! No apologies for progressive, liberal thought.

And a true champion for the people!
Ya gotta LOVE New Yorkers!!

BikerBard said...

And the Tea Baggers spitting on a congressman? Shouting homophobic and racial epithets??
Virginia Foxx must be so proud!

The truth is evident - they do NOT respect our democracy. WTF!

bridle said...

He has been fantastic. We need reps like him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama had to resort to bribes, arm-twisting, threats, who knows what else, to ram this destruction of what's left of the healthcare system in what's left of this country.

This healthcare reform bill was written by the insurance companies.

Do you realize what many of YOU will receive in healthcare services, if this monstrosity passes?

Do you realize what will be left of most businesses, especially small businesses, if this monstrosity passes and is implemented? 

loopy said...

Yes, yes, Guest.

Regardless of your fears, this country has crossed its Rubicon with the vote on health care. Note this: a few minutes ago, Charles Krauthamer, on Fox, says this is the beginning of making the health insurance industry utilities regulated by the government. He is right about this. Since insurance companies essentially wrote major portions of this bill, it won't bring about the dire claims you mention regarding small business, etc. Get a grip. Small business will again thrive and adapt to the necessary. It may well be that they put pressure on government to develop a strong public option to help them compete in the world's economy.

Concerned Citizen said...

Thank goodness - and I genuinely mean that!  The House passed health care reform!  Such common sense in the face of so much vitriol.  Shame on Virginia Foxx and her ilk, who made up their minds beforer even hearing what was proposed.  Shame on those negative, no-can-do racists.

BikerBard said...

Ditto! Good post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you've crossed the Rubicon alright.  I hope you remember this.