Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"The Sow Is Mine"

National Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele was in Greensboro yesterday and announced that North Carolina will be his come fall -- "Mine, MINE, I tell you!" -- and forever after. Apparently, come November 3, we North Carolinians will awake from our frightful nightmare to find ourselves wrapped in the sweet embrace of reactionary right-wingism, breathing in the miasma of obstructionism that has so far served the working class so well in this state and elsewhere.

Oh, goody.


Max said...

No doubt Brother Steel nightmare is about to come true in the future....Jesse Ventura says Tea Party a laugh, Both Parties need to be destroy,...........


J.T. said...

You mean like the Repubican crazy rightwingers who have taken over the Wake County school board? I'm betting the folks in Wake can't WAIT to get rid of that batch.