Monday, March 29, 2010

Elaine Marshall Takes Note

U.S. Senate candidate Elaine Marshall did a live chat on Crooks & Liars last Thursday, and during it she had a question about the 5th District:
Q: Have you met Billy Kennedy, the Democrat running against Virginia Foxx, in the northwestern part of the state? And if so, what do you think of his chances? Will your race against Burr help him?

Marshall's response: I met Billy right before last Christmas. I am very impressed with him and I understand he is doing a lot of great online organizing. If Virginia Foxx keeps doing what she does, he might not need much help. But aside from Virginia, I believe I can energize our base to get out and vote and help attract unaffiliated voters that want to get things done in Washington.

Depending on the outcome of the May 4 primary in the Senate race, these two may be leading the ballot in the 12 counties of the 5th District.

Which is just fine with us.

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