Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In These Economic Times, What a Helpful Suggestion!

Congressman Patty McHenry (R), from nearby Tiny Town, has finally noticed the economic collapse happening all around him -- actually, the economic collapse has been happening in his Congressional district for several years now -- and has found the magic bullet: put Ronald Reagan's mug on the $50 bill.

That will involve, of course, booting Ulysses S. Grant off the $50 bill, but we're down with that. Grant was a ruthless and successful military general, an accomplished autobiographer, and a wholly incompetent president.

In other words, an even trade. McHenry wants the Father of Banking Deregulation on the $50, the Father of Trickle-Down, the Dim Tool of the Kleptocrats.

Git 'er done, so Little Patty will have something to brag about to the home folks, especially those who worship at the altar of St. Ronny without wondering why their economic prospects have so contracted since 1981 and why Wall Street is running everything.


craig dudley said...

it was bad enough to have to live under the rule of acting president reagan but to have his face on our money and other government sponsored items becomes even more maddening. he was the same sort of criminal as the decider. lets let him fade into his well earned obscurity.
on the other hand if it happens we will then have a government offered opportunity for graffitti. imagine what we can do with magic markers and sharpies to express our opinions on his circulating face.

Max said...

Boy! Will General Grant Ghost be piss at little Pattie for making his funny paper currency more worthless......

Mike D. said...

"..Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service...."

Perhaps you are looking for another visit from the Secret Service by advocating that people break a federal law, Craig?

Eddie said...

Wow, Mike D. You really are a dickhead.

craig dudley said...

your name does do you justice. as you said way back; everyone knows you anyway, so using your name makes little difference.

you are a one trick pony.

you speak of the wonders of our great land and its wonderful laws but neglect to involve yourself in their practice.

innocent until proven and accusation by a neighbor like you is recognized as such.

it is fun to watch your panites get all wadded up.

Anonymous said...

Craig: I agree with your take on Regan, and if he had been a better actor, he would have stayed in Hollywood with the other phonies of his kind. I just spoke with a Repub friend who insisted Regan was right there on Mt. Rushmore. He wouldn't give in to the idea that Ronnie did more to hurt the middle class than anyone in our history. Regan's "Trickle Down Theory" was really a "Piss on You Theory." However, the wealthy will need maids and gardeners, so the money will eventually flow down. Amazing economics from my friend who has worked hard for his money but is fearful to lose it to "socialism." ( He should have been fearful of the moron, Bush- but that's another story.) There's a reason the well-off like Regan.

Note to Mike: I believe Craig's suggestion about marking $50 Regan bills was what we call "sarcasm." It was not to be taken literally, and you didn't have to look up the law. You need to step back and stop jumping on his every post. It is getting stale.

craig dudley said...

reagan is a study in lies and crimes. he belongs on the rushmore of criminals.
he promised to reduce government. it doubled under his reign.
he promised to reduce spending. look at a debt chart for this land and starting in 80 it starts up at about a thirty degree angle.
he swore to defend the constitution. he invaded countries for the crime of not being who he expected them to be.
somewhere around two hundred of his cronies and water carriers were convicted of crimes against the constitution.
the list is somewhere around endless when you start to add up the cost of reagan.
if he is on the fifty, i shall have to ask for tens and twenties instead.
oh, and for all you reagan fanatics, tell me why his activities around the lebanon marine barracks ain't cutting and running.

Mike D. said...


I loved that graph, if it's the same one you linked one other time, you know, the one with all the crazy colors on it, the one that was as busy as a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Miracle Soap?

If the one you just mentioned is that same crazy, busy graph, would you please link it again for us?

John said...

Mr. Dudley
I can not understand where you are coming from with the comments about lies and crimes.  Reagan was most likely the best President in many years. 

Now if you want to talk about spending, look closely who is President of the United States currently. 
1-Attempting to force a healthcare plan that people do not want
2-Attorney General hiring attorneys who have represented terrorist
3-Pushing this nation away from free enterprise

My, the list could go on forever and ever.  I guess I should thank him, because I see few Democrats going back in office in the mid term elections.  I think the feelings of this nation were spoken when a Republican took Ted Kennedy's seat. 

It has only taken Obama a year to get us in a mess.  He has broken a record!!!

BikerBard said...

Unsupported assertions we throw in the trash.
#!- No proof, in fact polls indicate the opposite.
#2.-Who? And don't attorneys represent those accused of crimes? Re-read their job descriptions.
#3-No proof. Foxx has voted against small businessmen's interests.

Lame, John, lame. Pray in front of your statue of Regan for political insight.

Mike D. said...


Who is worse, Ronald Reagan or Hamas?

You seem to have a lot of bad things to say to this "John" person, but very little to Craig.  Now, I know Craig is a tool who serves your partisan purposes, but every once in a while, it would be nice to hear you call Craig out for his support of Hamas.

I am not saying that Reagan was perfect, and I am not one of his fanatical fans, but Hamas is a bloodthirsty gang of thugs, and you give Craig a pass on his support for them.

And, for the record, I oppose McHenry's effort to get Reagan on the $50 bill.  Right now, we need to be focused on creating an environment where privately owned businesses feel confident that they will be rewarded for taking the risk of hiring more people.  At this time, changing the faces on our currency and creating behemoth federal entitlement programs are exactly what Congress should not be doing.

craig dudley said...

i made an itemized list of the tip of the iceberg about acting president reagan.
he had good press agents but the reality is different.
speak to the points; government size, spending, invasions of other soverign countries, iran-contra, the long list of his convicted cronies, and his leaving lebanon where we shouldn't have been in the first place after the attack on the marines.
as for the obama who is simply continuing the deciders actions, show me, with evidence, any difference in the actions of any of the "presidents" since lbj.

Mike D. said...

Come on Craig!

Link the silly graph, please! :-P

Not Really said...

"<span>It has only taken Obama a year to get us in a mess."</span>

You can't possibly want people to take you seriously when you make a statement like this. Everything was just hunky-dory before Obama took office? Gee, let me look at my 401K statements from 2008...

This hole we're in was dug by W. So was the deficit, and it's incredibly hypocritical for so many people to have ignored that until Obama took office.

craig dudley said...

not really;

absolutely so, idealoges can find all sorts of shades of reality when grading what they see/decide.

Mike D. said...

You know the graph I'm talking about, right?  The one you linked last year that looked like Charles Manson and the Teletubbies collaborated to map out the national debt?  Come on, please? :'(

John said...

I stand by what I said and of course it is my opionion.  I should have the right to that as well as anyone else that post on here. 

craig dudley said...

i have no difficulty with your right to state opinions but i differ on your reagan opinion and asked below, for evidence to back it up, as i gave evidence why i disagreed.

craig dudley said...

you are a punk who runs from chances to defend your "opinions".
you make loud noises and accusations while telling us of the wonderfulness of your views, but when challenged with evidence contrary to your crap, you run along while shouting over your shoulder.

Mike D. said...


Not going to link your sociopath graph, are you?

Mike D. said...

Nice link, Craig,

This is what they refer to as a warning sign after you open fire in a federal building.  Why didn't anyone see it coming?  He gave plenty of signs.

1)  He always tore down other people's heroes, but never named his.  So interested in politics, can we imagine that Craig has no political heroes?  Yet he always criticizes the heroes of others without naming his.  Could that be because his are so horrid that he would not be able to defend them in a political forum?

2)  He demonstrates disdain for both political parties in a two party system.  In essence, this dehumanizes his potential victims, because we are all the enemy.

3)  All emotions he displays are negative.

I'm not sure if you guys see it, and I know that much of his attack energy is against political figures who are not popular on Wataugawatch anyway, rendering him a useful tool, but if you read his link above, it reads exactly like a manifesto one would post right before going on a homicide/suicide rampage.  Add to that that the Secret Service was concerned enough that they actually visited his house, and I'm not the only one who has recognized Craig's aberrant psychological tendencies.

Every time someone goes ballistic, society discusses the warning signs, and Craig screams them out.

BikerBard said...

Mike D: I understand Craig's support of the Palestinians, just as I understand your support of Israel. Both sides commit attrocities EQUALLY as offensive. I know that burns you, but no side has my support, only my understanding.

craig dudley said...

i have no love affair with palestinians. what i do is say the stories we are told on tv every night are based upon half truths and lies many times. one of the lies is about the israelis being victums and it being due to the horrible arabs.
if you/anyone were to investigate whats going on and has been going on beyond the official propaganda you find other things we aren't told.
the big thing thats ignored is that the palestininans were invaded as were the black south africans and our native americans. in all cases the invader spoke of the horrible acts they experienced. the truth that in all cases those were people defending their home and land is forgotten or ignored.
how is it a attrocity to defend your home?

craig dudley said...

Niemoeller said, “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

craig dudley said...

as i said below dicker;
you are a punk who runs from chances to defend your "opinions". 
you make loud noises and accusations while telling us of the wonderfulness of your views, but when challenged with evidence contrary to your crap, you run along while shouting over your shoulder.</span>
and i add this, as a one trick pony you bring nothing new to any chance for discussion but your right wing crap.

craig dudley said...

the writer here speaks of where reagan has brought us with the reagan revolution.