Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Democratic Candidates in the NC-10

We've had some coverage here (a tad) about Congressman Patty McHenry in the NC-10 and about his two (D'OH! now three) primary challengers, but perhaps we should do a little catching up with the two Democrats in the May 4 primary, vying to take on McHenry come November.

One is Anne N. Fischer of Morganton. She has an active website up and running, is described as a social worker and community activist, and actually ran against McHenry in 2004 in his first campaign.

Her primary opponent is Jeff Gregory, a former Shelby postmaster, who does not yet appear to have a website. But he's speaking out in this a.m.'s Hickory Daily Record about how the 10th Congressional District has suffered under McHenry, who doesn't believe in government and who therefore gets nothing much for his district. "It's time for the people of the 10th District to be heard and seriously represented," he said. "I think that we need to take a 'Big Dog' approach for our district. I'm not afraid of getting on the front porch of Congress and barking loud for our people."

The Patty McHenry/Virginia Foxx philosophy of "service" = "We don't get anything for anybody because of our ideology," and perhaps these hard economic times might actually begin to spotlight the hard, dried fruits of such a philosophy. Having been laughed at over the Sparta Teapot Museum, Foxx has now retreated into a do-nothing crouch and actually brags on her Twitter account about her constipated economic policy: "NO RELIEF for my district, NO NEVER!"

Kentucky Sen. Bunning is also helping at this moment to throw The Wages of Obstructionism into some stark human context.


kallous said...

Let's see-Jim Bunning voted for funding an invasion and occupation of a country that DID NOT attack us and had nothing to do with 9-11. Skip past the WMD bullshit.  He voted for the totallly unfunded Medicare drug fraud which will eventually cost us trillions and will enrich the drug companies beyond ALL belief.  He voted for the 5 to 1% tax cuts which up to now has cost the nation 2.2 trillion in tax revenue.  Now he's worried about government deficient spending which will keep millions of unfortunate citizens from literally starving and living on the streets.
What a piece of Republican shit.......and so are all the Democrats who chicken shittedly voted with him in the past.  My gosh, this country is lost with "leadership" like this!  What are we "ordinary" folks going to do when we have a Congress which is bought and paid for by that 5-1%?  Don't bother to post on this MikeD.  You're part of the problem with your "balanced viewpoints."  People like you who believe that the Republican cartel has a solution for the "other" 95% are the modern day Jusas'.  (Is that gramatically correct?-oh, never mind)

Mike D. said...


Why do you put "balanced viewpoints" in quotes?  You must have me confused with someone else.  I have never claimed that my viewpoint is balanced.  My viewpoint is my own, and I would not suggest that you perceive it as balanced unless you perceive me as balanced.  I know of no one else who shares all of my views.  Perhaps Dennis Miller comes close.

Tell me, have you ever been on unemployment?  I once was, and I hated it.  Initially, it sounded great, to get paid and not have to work.  But I rapidly began feeling like a total loser.  If you had come to me to tell me that, not only could I stay on unemployment longer, but you were also going to throw in free health care and free food, I would have told you "how about giving me a freaking job?"  I don't want to be a bum.

What do you think is going to happen, as you squeeze the remaining 80% who have jobs to pay for the needs of the 20% who don't?  Do you think they are going to use the income you have jacked from them to hire the unemployed?

You seem to be very interested in the voting record of this Jim Bunning fellow.

I wonder if you dedicate as much of your time to forming opinions on deficit spending and the national debt?  Do you buy Chinese-made products?  Do you read labels?  Do you consume health care resources that you could avoid consuming through diet, exercise, and reducing stress by not hating on Mike D.?

If you are correct that food on the table means more to people than principle does, then I am sure we will see a big swing towards Democratic candidates for Congress over the next couple of days. 

Perhaps where you are from, all you need to do is cram freebies down the idiots' throats, and they will let you dominate every aspect of their lives.  I am not sorry to tell you that if this is what you are looking for, you are looking in the wrong country.  Americans will not stand for it, and the longer you don't recognize this, the more frustrated you are going to become. 

I suggest blaming Mike D. for your lack of understanding. :)

Mike D. said...

Oh, and by the way, Kallous, you said "<span>Don't bother to post on this MikeD."</span>

It's no bother at all.

I'm happy to help you, Komrade. :)

bridle said...

So you think our reps in government should focus on stimulus bills that provide jobs? I agree with that, but remember that we do pay for unemployment <span>insurance</span>. It is not a freebie. And I am happy to pick up the tab for others who need it now, knowing that should I become unemployed, I will be protected as well. That is what insurance is supposed to do. Jim Bunning and his Republican colleagues are barely even pretending to care about the future of this country. What they really fear is that the Democrats may solve the problems created by all those years of Republican misrule. 

Mike D. said...


I long for the days of Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress.  Except for the fact that that the Republicans ruined it by going after Bill over the sex scandal, they otherwise led us to great prosperity, low unemployment, and a balanced budget.

It seems that the worst economic policies are adopted when the same party controls Congress and the White House.

Caldwell Voter said...

Anne Fischer will have a hard time in the primary.  She didn't connect well with Caldwell or Catawba Democrats the first time, so she's starting from a disadvantage within the party.

bridle said...

I think you are right in that when one party gets too much power, they become corrupt. But for the most part the Democrats at least pay lip service to the ideals of opportunity and justice for all, even the poor and working classes.
Clinton's administration was a golden era in retrospect -  except that he signed onto the Gramm, Leach, Bliley act, which repealed Glass-Steagall and led directly to our current economic crisis. 

BikerBard said...

I would never buse the term "balanced" and Mike D. in the same sentence. In fact, Mike is the most "unbalanced" person I know! ;)

John said...

Like it or not, McHenry is well liked by his constituents.  My understanding from family in his area is that Ms. Fischer has trouble connecting with people.