Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Madam Foxx'll Try Anything for a Buck

From Mombley's Musings:
...I spoke with a Congresswoman tonight. Representative Virginia Foxx, from North Carolina's 5th district called me this evening. (We are in the 4th district). She was doing fundraising, which I cannot help her with right now, but when I told her we had 9 children, she said we were doing our part to help our country. She then asked if we homeschool, which I replied, "Of course," and she was very pleased to hear that and told me her one and only child will home educate her 2 children ages 11 and 9 next year. Interesting stuff.

Anything to declare, Madam, about your support for public education? And why are you picking on poor Mombley for money?

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