Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laughing Her Out of Office?

On the same day we catch a whiff of a local plan to hold a "Virginia Foxx Retirement Celebration" in Boone, featuring publicly performed home-grown limericks and other forms of grassroots satire, we come across this open invitation for Ye Wits of Bloggerdom to submit humorous videos about local examples of pork-barrel spending, and one of the examples they prominently suggest is to hold a tea party on the lawn of Madam Foxx's notorious Teapot Museum in Sparta, N.C.:
Remember to keep the videos short — two to three minutes is ideal — and make them funny if you can. Everybody online loves a good parody. Think of gimmicks, too. If you're exposing the idiocy of funding a teapot museum, try organizing a tea party on the site. [EyeblastTV]

Gosh, if we don't get an invitation to partake of some Earl Grey and crumpets, in suitable snooty attire, we don't know WHAT the world's coming to! Come on, people! Someone's gotta do it. Give us a time and date, and we'll advertise it. Hundreds will show up!

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