Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bully Boy

If you can't beat up a kid 'cause he's queer, what's this state coming to? asked Bill Brooks, executive director of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. Brooks was yelling (GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!) about the anti-bullying bill up for a vote in the NC legislature today.

I mean, what's next? Brooks asked. The anti-bullying statute could be used to file lawsuits and eventually be used to insert sexual orientation into other state laws, and who knows? Pretty soon you have gay people putting their gayness all over door handles and on school desks, instead of keeping it all in a closet. Some of our best friends and allies are in closets.

If sexual orientation is enacted into North Carolina law through HB 1366, said Brooks, it will serve as the basis for affirming deviant sexual behaviors throughout our state. Good Gawd, man. We don't wanna be forced into raising money by scaring people 'bout gay cooties turning up in their drinking water, or in the U.S. House.

If being bullied in school was good enough for those little nancies back in 1950, it's still good enough for them today! Why do you guys want to mess with the natural order?

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