Monday, February 27, 2006

Virginia Foxx, The Female Jesse Helms

The National Journal has found, based on her 2005 votes on economic issues, social issues, and foreign policy, Madame Virginia Foxx is more conservative than 91.3 percent of the rest of the House of Representatives.

A feather in her 19th-century cap!

That she represents a far-right conservatism much more effectively than she represents the common people of the 5th Dist. of N.C. may be a fact that will some day dawn on our folks.

Here's how the dominoes stack: Foxx is more conservative than wet-behind-the-ears Patrick McHenry of the 10th Dist, who is in his turn slightly more conservative than Sue "Hell No" Myrick, who is in her turn slightly more conservative than Robin Hayes ... oh, go read the rest for yourself.

Except, please note that Elizabeth "Helmet Hair" Dole is 81.8 percent more conservative than the rest of the Senate ... more conservative than Richard "Dick" Burr.

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