Sunday, February 12, 2006

Closet Jobs

A reader has shared with me an e-mail he received from the American Family Association, headed by the aptly named Donald Wildmon. The subject line: "NBC Does It Again! Vulgar, Tasteless, Indecent Scene Part Of Network Program."

Rev. Wildmon is all upset about the February 6 episode of NBC's "Las Vegas," which contained a scene inside a strip club. "The content of that scene was extremely graphic." So graphic, in fact, that the Rev. Wildmon wants all his e-mail distribution list to put down their Bibles and WATCH. "We have provided a video of the scene below." (Maybe this link will work for you too.) "Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!" Wildmon shouts, especially the ones with 14-year-old boys, who will no doubt enjoy loading the video onto their iPods. It's sooo nice of the Reverend to stoke those hot fires of lust, all in the name of holiness.

I've watched it four times myself and am thinking of changing into something more comfortable.

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