Monday, February 06, 2006

By Their Deeds Ye Shall Know Them

The reality of the new bankruptcy law passed by Virginia Foxx and her pals in Congress is nowhere more clearly set down than in a ruling by Judge Frank R. Monroe of the US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas. Here's his opinion (in a pdf), short and bitingly sarcastic about "the parties" that pushed the passage of the new law (fradulently named "The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & Consumer Protection Act of 2005"). "They had their own agenda," Judge Monroe writes. "It was apparently an agenda to make more money off the backs of the consumers in this country." (Thanks to Irmaly for the link.)

When those lobbyist-built robots in Congress start talking about "consumer protection," you can bet they're about to rip you off. Same deal when they start talking about Jesus.

Irmaly reminds me that 229 Republicans and 73 Democrats voted for this bill. Seventy-three Democrats! Opposing it were 125 Democrats and one independent, Vermont's Bernard Sanders. You can go here to see which 73 Democrats you can blame for this situation. Bobby Etheridge is on that list. Harold Ford of Tennessee (who wants to take Frist's seat in the Senate) is on that list ... Mike McIntyre (of the NC 7th District) ... David Price, fer crissakes!

Sell outs. Every last one of them.

And it takes a judge in Texas to point out the meanness of it all.

Met at a political event over the weekend a man who was in law school with Harold Ford up at the University of Michigan and who was shaking his head ruefully about how Harold feels he has to vote like a Republican to continue the Ford family dynasty in Tennessee. Remains to be seen whether Tennesseans will elect a black man to the Senate, no matter HOW much he tries to pass as a rich white man.

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