Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Watauga County Candidate Filings

Allan Trivette (R) ... School Board

Virginia Foxx (R) ... U.S. House of Representatives, N.C.-5

NOTES: Foxx arrived trailing footmen and body servants ... the unspeakable in pursuit of the inestimable. She did not take questions. The public was ordered to kneel and supplicate.

Allan Trivette, fresh from his crushing loss on the County Commission in 2004, now wants to bring his vision to local public education. Trivette is most famous for suggesting that "the ladies of the schools" could help the county save money by voluntarily cleaning the bathrooms. That, and his suggestion that the dental insurance the county carries for its employees be dropped.

AN INQUIRING MIND WANTS TO KNOW: Why is James Coffey, another of the ousted commissioners from 2004, running for his same old seat again? Answer: the Republican Party couldn't find a candidate.

SPEAKING OF THE WATAUGA GOP: The Republicans now have their third chair (in about as many months) ... Denny Norris. OUT: Karen Wilson. Proving what some have speculated on ... that the old lions of the local GOP have a problem dealing with women. Virginia Foxx is NOT an anomaly nor an exception (figure it out!).

FOOTNOTE ON THE SHERIFF RACE: Sheriff Mark Shook showed up yesterday to file for reelection with what looked like 60 supporters, and the mood among his backers was very upbeat. However, the old lions of his party have confirmed that fear of carnality overrides all other values or considerations (with a couple of notorious and glaring exceptions, but as with everything else, these exceptions prove the rule).

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