Friday, February 17, 2006

FLASH! Republican Primary for Watauga Sheriff Gets Crowded

Dr. Tom Furman, a pharmacist with the Boone Drug Co., filed for Watauga County Sheriff today in the (growing) Republican primary.

Don't know who Furman's backers are, or his political base, but assuming he has a following of some kind, this development can only help incumbent Sheriff Mark Shook by diluting his opposition between his (now) two opponents.

And the Republican Party USED to be so disciplined!

UPDATE FLASH: Dr. Furman returned to the Board of Elections minutes after he filed, withdrew as a Republican candidate for Sheriff, changed his registration to Unaffiliated, and will attempt to run as an Unaffiliated candidate for Sheriff, which requires a petition signed by some 1,400 voters.

UPDATE, UNRELATED FOOTNOTE: The field for the County Board of Education is growing crowded:

Allen Trivette (R) ... former County Commissioner
Lowell Younce (R) ... incumbent
Alan Utter (D) ... ASU professor of health, leisure, and exercise
Phil Smalling (U) ... former County Commissioner
Al Wheeler (D) ... Blowing Rock businessman and former candidate for N.C. Senate

CORRECTION: Phil Smalling is now registered unaffiliated. He's another of those good men who got dissed by the local Republican Party power elite years ago.

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