Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Intelligent Design" Withering in Ohio

Like a pebble in a pond, the rippling effect of Judge Jones's decision in the Dover, Pa., "intelligent design" case -- ruling ID an unconstitutional intrusion of religion into public school science education -- has reached Ohio next door. According to an article in today's NYTimes, a majority of Ohio's state board of education are expected to do away with a suggested lesson plan for science classes that is viewed as another of those creationist Trojan horses that the right-wing is so fond of this century.

Behind this move was a pretty impressive uprising among both scientists and science educators, some of whom labeled Ohio's attempt to sneak in "intelligent design" as "a lie," "crackpot," "religious," "creationism" and "an insult to science."

For its side, the creationists find comfort in public polling that shows a majority of Ohio voters -- like a majority of Americans generally -- are ignorant of science and prone to myth.

Finding comfort in general ignorance ... there's a growth point for a political movement!

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