Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rachel Hunter Stirs It Up

Rachel Lea Hunter, former Republican, current Democrat, and candidate for the N.C. Supreme Court, wants her nickname used on the ballot this year: Rachel Lea "Madame Justice" Hunter. (N&O coverage here)

There's actually legal precedent for this sort of ballot enhancement. Who will ever forget Leonard "Preacher Man" Harris, Ken "Stump Grinder" Dennis, Jeff "Radio Man" Wilson, Tammy "Lady in Red" Wilson, Leroy "Chicken Plucker" Jones, and Sam "Turdball" Green? (The first three of those are actually real examples.)

Hunter is giving the N.C. Republican Party fits, ever since they dissed her in 2004 by endorsing someone else in the race for another seat on the Supreme Court. Now she's running against Republican Justice Mark "Blow-Dried" Martin. Call him Mark "Nonplussed" Martin.

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