Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kiss Your National Forests Goodbye

News circulated last night that the Bush regime wants to sell off 200,000 acres of national park land to help pay for "rural schools" (yeah, right!), but Dianne Feinstein has a clearer notion: She attacked the plan as "crazy," saying: "Here the administration wants to pass more tax cuts for the rich, and to pay the bill, they want to sell off public land -- our nation's natural heritage." You can go here and scroll waaaay down to see what's fingered for sale in North Carolina: some 153 acres in Caldwell County, 36 in Avery Co., and a whole bunch of land in Mitchell, McDowell, and Madison counties, not to mention a bunch of other places in the southwestern mountains and in the Uwharries.

Betcha a stale cow chip that Madame Foxx, the Queen of "Privatize This!", is all for this sell-off.

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