Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Paul Hackett Forced Out of Ohio Race

Man, oh man! This is bad.

Paul Hackett is saying he's been forced out of the Ohio Senate race. He WAS giving Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown a run for his money in a Democratic primary to oppose Republican Mike DeWine this fall. Now he's not. Hackett's fingering two prominent Senate Democrats, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, for forcing him out.

There's any number of congressional districts across this broad land that ought to go into a bidding war to attract Hackett to move and run there. For example, the NC-5 district could offer a fine, scenic homesite and help with setting up a small-town law practice. The sky's the limit.

If Hackett is dead-set on joining the Senate, so that he can kick Reid and Schumer's butts in the cloakroom, we'd welcome him here anyplace in N.C. in 2008 to ruffle Liddy Dole's coif.

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