Saturday, February 18, 2006

El Presidente's Approval Down in N.C.

So there George W. was trying to get up the aisle and out of the House chamber following his State of the Union speech, and he was having trouble walking. Something had wrapped itself around his right thigh and was a major drag on his progress. He looked down to find Congresswoman Virginia A. Foxx grinning up at him.

Madame Foxx seems to be hitching her reelection to her manifest adoration of Her President, assuming, we assume, that those approval ratings for Bush are going to stay as rock solid as the president's thigh muscle. Looks like they ain't.

In data collected from 600 voters in the state between Feb. 10 and Feb. 14, the president's approval rating was overall a dismal 43 percent. He did best among (dead) white Republican men, naturally. Most interesting to us is that 64 percent of unaffiliated voters can't stand 'im. What percentage of the vote is unaffiliated in the 5th Dist.?

Click on N.C. at the site above to see the breakdowns. And note that the voter sample comes from the "Charlotte area," the "Raleigh area," and the coastal plain, most certainly NOT the 5th Dist., but still...

If wrapping herself around Bush isn't going to work, what WILL The Madam do? She might be forced to start answering questions from the voters, a chilling scenario.

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