Monday, October 30, 2023

We See the Kind of Campaign Bishop Will Run Against Jackson. Goody!


Thursday, October 26, early morning: Jeff Jackson announces he's running for Attorney General.

Thursday, October 26, mid-afternoon: Republican rival-for-Attorney-General Dan Bishop issues on Twitter a mock "welcome" to Jackson for entering the race and alleging that Jackson's use of TikTok makes him a Chinese stooge. Bishop included a statement made to look like it was from Jackson’s campaign. It was written in Chinese, and included a translation that said Jackson was a “Tiktok star who wants to make North Carolina soft on crime” and was “helping China spy on North Carolina.” At the top, it included the logo for Jackson’s campaign. 

Posting the mock statement on X, formerly Twitter, Bishop wrote that it was “for our unamerican friends.” (Avi Bajpai)

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Anonymous said...

So, the Veteran who served in the legislature and in congress is un-American because he's young enough to understand these internet-tube things? What an idiot.