Sunday, October 01, 2023

Mark Robinson Won't Risk a Debate (Sez Mark Walker)


Mark Robinson

In an interview with WFAE political reporter Steve Harrison, Republican candidate for governor Mark Walker pulled a stiletto and jabbed at his rival Mark Robinson for being waaay out of the Republican mainstream, out there beyond where reality delivers the mail. Harrison quotes Walker:

Walker said he doesn’t expect Robinson to participate in any debates before the March primary because his campaign team “won’t put him on the stage and let him trip all over himself.”

He cast Robinson as unprincipled on issues like abortion: “Who knows where he is today? I don’t know if that is a script he is trying to follow.”

He suggested Robinson as governor would be a rubber-stamp for GOP Senate leader Phil Berger: “There is a reason Phil Berger never stood with Pat McCrory. There is a reason he never stood with Dan Forest. Yet he is the first one up the steps with Mark Robinson’s campaign announcement.”

Walker continued: “The question is, why? I think that’s one of the reasons why Robinson hasn’t said anything the last few months about anything Phil Berger is trying to do” [like get gambling casinos into the state budget].

Robinson in fact came out saying he had been against gambling casinos since the beginning but only said so after gambling casinos were no longer an issue, causing even fellow Republicans to laugh behind his back at the obvious pusillanimity of that convenient conversion.

“My prediction is he will never take foot on the debate stage,” Walker said. “One, he is not familiar with the policies. Number two, there is so much that he can’t answer for when it comes to his background.”

By "background," he meant personal problems such as unpaid taxes....

...Walker criticized Robinson and other Republicans for having what he said is a “lack of sensitivity” on the issue. That includes, he said, Robinson’s comments that abortion is “murder.”

Robinson is now downplaying his past comments on abortion....

“Most of us don’t believe the Civil Rights Act was a communist plot [as Robinson has claimed],” Walker said. “When you are defending Harvey Weinstein. And when you say it’s Illuminati that went after Bill Cosby, I’m thinking, ‘My gosh. This is so far out of reality.’ ”

It all comes down to who will represent the "Republican brand" in North Carolina. We're kind of counting on it not being Mark Walker.

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