Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sen. Natasha Marcus, Also Gerrymandered Out, Considers Moving


Lisa Grafstein is not the only female member of the NCSenate targeted for elimination in the new maps and willing to move her residence to fight back. Sen. Natasha Marcus in SD41 tells the tale herself of her own experience of being so specifically singled out that it would be comic if it weren't such a crap on fairness. In a press statement released last Friday (reproduced below), Marcus explains what the Republicans did to her:

“Republican map drawers cut a line through my hometown of Davidson, putting most of the town in a new district that is based in Iredell County, and leaving part of Davidson in a new district which is currently represented by [Dem] Sen. Mujtaba Mohammed, who lives fairly far away in east Charlotte,”

[She said her current home is in a part of Davidson that’s moved to the district mostly in Iredell County represented by Republican Sen. Vickie Sawyer. The new district Marcus and Sawyer are drawn into leans Republican by a margin of 62% to 35%, according to analysis by Dave’s Redistricting, which analyzes data from previous elections.]

“The mapmakers knew exactly where my house is and seemingly did this on purpose to try to squeeze me out of the NC Senate,” Marcus said.

She's got all her options open and plenty of rage revving her engines. She says moving to another, fairer district is definitely an option, as is running for a different office altogether.

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