Sunday, October 08, 2023

Don't Ask Mark Robinson How Things Work


The Daily Haymaker claims that Mark Robinson has "ducked out" on two Republican primary debates. Not so much "debates" as I understand them, but rather "joint appearances" with his Republican rivals for governor where questions are posed to the candidates. One of those happened in Charlotte. The Republican Women of Greater Charlotte invited all five of the announced Republican candidates to a luncheon on September 13. All came except Robinson. WBTV reporter Brett Jensen reported his absence and also reported on a straw poll of the 130 attendees, in which Robinson got 11% to Dale Folwell and Mark Walker's 40% each. Robinson "continues to see his lead shrink," Jensen tweeted

In another tweet from that luncheon, Jensen quoted one of the attack lines being used by Mark Walker, who has been pulling no punches in his criticism of Robinson. “In 2022, Republicans won independent voters by 9%. According to Mr. Robinson‘s own polling, he’s now down 17 points among unaffiliated, female voters. You can’t win a statewide race if you’re down 17 points among unaffiliated women voters. You probably shouldn’t be saying women can’t lead .... That’s probably a detriment when you’re trying to get the female vote.”

But get real. Either Folwell or Walker should drop out -- would have to drop out -- to help build a united team against Robinson -- for it to mean anything come March's primary.

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