Thursday, October 05, 2023

The Stamping of Tiny Feet

We all saw #GavelSlam, and I at least respect rage. But Patrick McHenry's pique went petty and dark very quickly. As soon as he got back to his new office, flanked by his new security detail, McHenry sent the message to Nancy Pelosi, who's currently attending Dianne Feinstein's funeral and wasn't even in the Capitol for the ousting of McCarthy -- that she was being kicked out of her hideaway office in the Capitol. "You got less than 24 hours to get the hell out." Words to that effect (see the news tweet below). (Incidentally, many senior members of Congress have small offices in the Capitol, in addition to their big suites in the Congressional office bldgs.). 

Here was the news:

Greg Olear tweet: "Interim Speaker flexing his muscles in the most Alpha Male way possible—by making the octogenarian grandmother move furniture while she’s on the other coast at her dear friend’s funeral. Tough guy, this McHenry. Not one to trifle with."

Joe Killian tweet: "There are a number of ways to elicit respect, project authority and express outrage that do not involve dramatically slamming a gavel down, even if you're 5'8'' with your lifts in and given to wearing bow ties. But they aren't going to win the big stuffed bear at the carnival."


Anonymous said...

I would. not. call. McHenry an Alpha Male in any universe.

Red Hornet said...

He's one of those who has good reason to fear being around gay men.

Wolf's Head said...

Odd, I didn't see when they put the booster seat in the Speaker's chair.

Pixelshim said...

It is sad to see such hatred venomously expressed by the Acting Speaker.

Wolf's Head said...