Friday, October 06, 2023

Dan Bishop's Fake Teeth


He snarls. He growls. He froths at the mouth. Especially when Kevin McCarthy was Speaker and Bishop was a member in good standing of the Freedom Caucus. Back in May, Bishop was the very first House Republican to publicly float ousting McCarthy after McCarthy snubbed the hardliners in his caucus to negotiate a debt ceiling deal with President Biden. “It is inescapable to me. It has to be done,” Bishop told reporters then. "It" meaning vacate the Chair.

But not so much last Tuesday. McCarthy voted to keep McCarthy, saying that Matt Gaetz's motion to vacate was just creating chaos when chaos is the last thing that the sanctified Dan Bishop wants to see ... having cheered lustily just days before for a government shutdown if he didn't get his way on spending. “Among Republicans, there are those who don’t think we should make a change to anything that happens up here,” Bishop said. “And I am going to cast every single vote to see to it that the direction changes. We’re going to change the way this institution functions, so far as I have any control of it.”

Mission accomplished!

But Bishop is running away from that congressional job anyway, leaving the US House to run in 2024 for attorney general of North Carolina, which is evidently in need of its own new dose of chaos and dysfunction. Dan Bishop can do the job. Or at least snarl, growl, and froth at the mouth, while others do the actual dirty deeds.


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Red Hornet said...

Congress looks like a nail.