Friday, October 27, 2023

Famous For the Wrong Reason


Scott Lassiter sued House Speaker Tim Moore last June for cuckolding him. He claimed that Moore and his wife committed adultery over a period of three years that destroyed his marriage, a period of time that Lassiter's wife later characterized as "a nightmare." After much press speculation -- including Lassiter's claim that Moore admitted the affair to him at a Biscuitville and offered to bribe him to forget it -- Lassiter and Moore suddenly and unexpectedly "resolved" the alienation of affection claim (whatever a "resolution" means, since details remain secret), and Lassiter dropped his exceedingly rare lawsuit. Now Lassiter, a former Apex Town Council member, is running for the new 13th state Senate district in southern Wake County. The newly drawn SD 13 has no incumbent. The Civitas Partisan Index recently judged the district as a D+1"toss-up."

Lassiter works as an assistant principal for the national on-line Connections Academy, "a public school that focuses on helping students grow to be academically competent and behaviorally responsible." Lassiter also serves on the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors, and served on the Apex Town Council from 2011 to 2015" (WRAL).

Meanwhile, and like anyone warm to the touch would be surprised, Tim Moore actually admitted he was "thinking about" running for the 14th Congressional Dist., specifically drawn for him with no hindrance this year from a Madison Cawthorn. The shadiest of all General Assembly wheeler-dealers, Tim Moore will have vast new grazing rights in DeeCee. 

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