Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Some More Toys Berger-Moore Gave Themselves in the New Budget


Another provision slipped into the state budget follows the established theme: More power specifically for Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and Speaker of the House X (whoever follows Tim Moore -- Destin Hall, a contender -- because Moore is retiring). In this case, it's power to operate what amounts to a secret police. That boils down to the Power to Torture. For reals! The following specific applications were compiled by Crooks and Liars -- bludgeons given to a committee chaired and controlled by Berger-Moore:

The Joint Legislative Committee on Government Operations (Gov Ops for short), is  empowered to seize “any document or system of record” from anyone who works in or with state and local government during its investigations. The rule applies to contractors, subcontractors, and any other non-state entity “receiving, directly and indirectly, public funds,” including charities and state universities.

Gov Ops staff will be authorized to enter “any building or facility” owned or leased by a state or non-state entity without a judicial warrant. This includes the private residences of subcontractors and contractors who run businesses out of their homes.

Public employees under investigation will be required to keep all communication and requests “confidential.” They cannot alert their supervisor of the investigation nor consult with legal counsel. Violating this rule “shall be grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal,” the law reads. Those who refuse to cooperate face jail time and fines of up to $1,000. In the event that Gov Ops searches a person’s home, these rules mean that the person 1) must keep the entry a secret, 2) cannot seek outside help (unless necessary for fulfilling the request, the law says), and 3) could face criminal charges if Gov Ops deems them uncooperative.

The killer clause is the secrecy that a target of investigation is supposed to maintain. That's police state shit right there. They want you isolated from any help, let alone sympathy.


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"That boils down to the Power to Torture. For reals!"

OOOOOOOO, can we get gibbets on King Street?