Monday, October 23, 2023

This Right Here Needs To Be a Federal Lawsuit


Study the map below. It's state senate districts 8 (darker color on left) and 7 (light color next to the ocean) in and around the city of Wilmington, North Carolina. The meandering blue line pretty much down the middle is the Cape Fear River, not only a wide and deep natural barrier to travel but also the county line between New Hanover and Brunswick. So you're called on to note the bulge to the east of the river, that allows the new Senate Dist. 8 to hijack a mainly Black population of Wilmington to cripple a Democrat's shot at beating the Republican incumbent for the NC Senate in District 7. 

Sen. Mike Lee is the incumbent and stands to benefit most from this piece of out-and-out racial gerrymandering for political advantage. Could you get any more obvious? Plus the willingness to greatly inconvenience and discourage a whole class of voters for purely petty and partisan reasons is truly despicable. 


Anonymous said...

The Constitution mandates that population alone is used to create districts.

Why is using race to make districts unconstitutional? They have the same population as white districts, and still have a vote, and it may be more effective at electing black representatives.

Why isn't giving blacks their own districts for representation by their own candidates wrong?

Seems your beef is all about party. What gives the democrats a better chance on winning trumps everything else, and you believe blacks will still vote democrat if integrated into otherwise white districts.

You want to dilute the black vote by integrating parts of their neighborhoods into white districts to elect white democrat candidates.

Red Hornet said...

Anonymous: You attribute motives to Jerry, but Jerry is not the one drawing legislative districts (gerrymandering). Please attribute motives to those imposing their will on the populace.