Wednesday, November 30, 2022

David Wheeler v. Lauren Boebert -- Timeline


What follows are the facts of the case that led to the hearing for dismissal this week in Watauga County Superior Court. All parties are waiting for Judge Gary Gavenus to rule on whether this defamation lawsuit can move forward.

Lauren Boebert (left), in full bloom,
with Marjorie Taylor Greene

May 2022
-- Following the successful efforts to unseat Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC-11) in the Republican primary, David Wheeler, utilizing resources developed by his American Muckrakers PAC, launched an oppo research effort to also go after the reelection of Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado. Boebert, like Cawthorn, had made a spectacle of herself as a right-wing avatar.

Dirt on Boebert 

Wheeler subsequently "obtained, analyzed, researched and publicly disclosed information regarding [Boebert] that had been concealed from the public .... That information included ... (1) use of methamphetamine; (2) work as an unpaid escort; (3) involvement with multiple abortions; (4) causing and concealing a serious drunk driving accident that resulted in significant bodily injuries to one or more individuals; (5) failure to pay her employees for prolonged periods of time; (6) delinquincy, disruption, and misconduct of a child...; (7) concerns regarding political relationship with the Koch brothers, Ted Cruz, and related campaign financing." (Wheeler response to Boebert motion to dismiss, filed Nov. 28, 2022)

June 15, 2022 -- Boebert instructed her lawyers to write a letter to Wheeler denying all these allegations and threatening to sue American Muckrakers, David Wheeler, and all the donors to the PAC, a threat which Wheeler claims led to the drying up of fundraising for the PAC. 

Significant for Wheeler's suit, the Boebert lawyer's denial letter was sent first to the press -- namely to North Carolina-based journalist Andrew Kerr, who writes for the right-wing Washington Examiner and other conservative publications -- while Boebert herself launched a national press tour attacking Wheeler, claiming that he had fabricated all the dirt listed above. According to Wheeler's suit, Boebert actually defamed him as a liar on the Sean Hannity radio show, on Fox News, and in other national outlets. In her appearances, Boebert promised that she would be filing a defamation suit against Wheeler and all those involved with him in American Muckrakers PAC.

To date, Boebert has never filed any legal action relating to the charges that Wheeler made against her.

November 28, 2022 -- Boebert attorneys Nathan Miller and Kevin J. Cline argued that the Wheeler defamation suit should be tossed largely on procedural grounds.

All parties now waiting on a ruling from Judge Gavenus.

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