Thursday, July 14, 2022

This is the Forsyth County GOP


Reaffirming its brand as a tone-deaf political party very comfortable associated with gun violence, the Forsyth GOP is holding -- yep -- a raffle for 30 firearms of various descriptions, including automatic weapons:

Here are the Forsyth County Republican office holders and candidates running under this brand:

Rep. Jeff Zenger
NC House Dist. 74

Rep. Donny Lambeth
NC House Dist. 75

Rep. Kyle Hall
NC House Dist. 91

George Ware
Candidate, NC Senate
Dist. 32

Sen. Joyce Krawiec
NC Senate Dist. 31

Rep. Virginia Foxx
5th District NC


Wolf's Head said...

How much are tickets?

Jeff said...

there are no automatic weapons in the pics.......