Monday, July 11, 2022

HD62: Youth v. Age, Gay v. Straight


You could hardly imagine a more symbolic confrontation between Millennial and Gen Ancient than the current contest for NC House District 62 between 27-year-old LGBTQ Democratic activist Brandon Gray and Bathroom Bill-supporting incumbent Republican John Faircloth.

Young male Republican "gun-slinger" types, we notice, get elected in North Carolina, or attract enthusiastic white machismo support, like the late Madison Cawthorn or the current threat in CD13, Bo Hines. Don't notice really young male Democrats doing as well, but I'm always prepared to get gob-smacked by surprise.

The good news about HD62: Dave's Redistricting now calculates the lean as very slightly Democratic, 49.1% D v. 48.6% R. NCFree is not as optimistic. They rate it as R+3. The district sits in western Guilford hard against Forsyth on the I-40 corridor but it now has more Greensboro urban precincts. It's going to take an avid volunteer base and some shoe leather to knock doors, find those swing unaffiliateds, and get them to the polls. Faircloth's age and iron conservatism ought to be liabilities, if Gray has the means (and the willingness) to go after his record.

Brandon Gray challenged Faircloth in 2020 too, but in the final tally Gray trailed by 8,000 votes. Still, for a novice candidate, taking almost 43% of the vote against a very seasoned incumbent was nothing to sneeze at. Gray was 25 at the time and perhaps less credible as a challenger than he is now with two more years of experience. Here's an interview Gray did with WXII in 2020:

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